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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Infrastructure Development in Bangalore

Imagine a human being without bones, blood stream and muscles. It gives a picture of a structure which is basically shapeless. Imagine a human being with bones and muscles, but all of them are misplaced in the body. For example, Femur bone (Leg) on the head. It gives an indefinite and unorganized shape. Same is the case of a City without proper roads, bridges, flyovers, rail gauges and drainage. Basically, these are the structures that form the backbone of the City which we call as Infrastructure.

In an Information Technology (IT) hub like Bangalore, Infrastructure Development is very important. The city has grown exponentially in population since 5 years or so. Hence it requires a well managed Infrastructure to help the logistics of the people. In the current scenario, as everyone knows, Bangalore is getting known for its Traffic equally as its IT.

The major problems that the Infrastructure of Bangalore faces are Poor Traffic Management and Improper Drainage System. The respected authorities should have started working on more flyovers, roads in an organized manner just as the time IT started growing. But we are seeing the initiatives such as Metro rails, Flyovers after facing the Chaos now.

Most of us today are unhappy with the poor traffic in Bangalore. The factors influencing poor traffic management are insufficient structures such as roads and flyovers. Those which are under construction for a long time also create a traffic problem. Traffic Signals in every short distance are also a concern. To add to the chaos, roads flooded due to rain increases the crisis. All of us would have faced any one of these problems in Bangalore so often.

To solve these problems on a short term basis, roads can be made one ways. Dividers can be placed in all the roads where the movement of vehicles is high so that violation of traffic rules would be prevented. Basically these have to be done by proper planning using a proper survey. Gullies can be made at places where the level of roads is low. This would help to manage traffic to a certain extent.

On a long term basis, it would require more flyovers connecting the roads where the frequency of vehicles is high. It can also include Metro and Suburban trains which would definitely reduce the chaos in the roads. Each and every road or rail track should have a proper drainage system so that it does not affect the traffic during showers. Roads have to be leveled in such a way that it would slope towards a small pit lane placed in the left, right and the middle of the road and therefore the rain water reaches a proper drainage. Metro rails should cover the major areas of the city. It is a good move that the government has started working on Metro rail project. But it is also important that it should be completed in the stipulated timeframe. It should also ensure that by the time it is ready to use, it should also take care of the increase in population from now. Roads also can be widened and making them into lanes such that it is much more organized.

It's just not enough to have all these flyovers and metros but it also depends on the administration of the city. The administrators of the city have to ensure the traffic is properly managed. It should be ready to handle accidents or any crisis such as floods, fire accidents, etc. All roads and flyovers should have displays of speed limits. Traffic rules and regulations have to be strengthened.

In order to make the Silicon Valley as a properly organized city, it requires a big deal of work from the administration to improve the infrastructure at a faster rate. It all depends on how it is handled and how fast it done. It can only be said that the hope is to see a real Silicon Valley of India not only in IT growth but also with large structures facilitating the people to commute quickly and safely.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Dinesh babu said...

Praveen ...Good article. I have only one phrase for this - Admininstrative and Political delays!

At 4:02 AM, Blogger Praveen said...

Yup. You are right.. I think it's high time that they have to start De-Centralising the city.

At 1:18 AM, Blogger karthik said...

Article is exactly what was in my mind Praveen. It would be better if freeways are developed for long distances with service roads. Our road system was much better in ancient times. We can work on this.

At 1:29 AM, Blogger karthik said...

And one more important point Praveen, 1st step would be improving the quality of present roads and foot paths.


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