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Monday, December 12, 2005

December 12th. An important Day in TamilNadu, India

Dear all,

I am sure most of the people in Tamilnadu know about the day December 12th. Yes, It's Superstar Rajnikanth's Birthday. First of all, Happy Birthday to Rajnikanth. This year's birthday for Rajnikanth should be a happy one especially after the blockbuster hit Chandramukhi and the start of the production of 'Sivaji'(Rajni's original name) and becoming Asia's 2nd most paid actor after Jackie Chan.

Rajnikanth has been in the news for quiet some time this year, especially in many business newspapers. He normally takes the distribution of his movies. Sources said that the movie 'Chandramukhi' collected almost 'Thirty crore Rupees' in the first week across the world. It is the highest first week collection in India. One famous newspaper also indicating that Rajnikanth received 50%(15 Crore Rupees) of the first week collection as the salary for the movie, which means that Rajnikanth is the highest paid actor beating the Bollywood actors Amitabh and Shahrukh khan who are paid around 7 to 8 Crores.

Last week, during the Film Festival in Goa, India, a French director who was impressed with a martial art scene in a Rajnikanth's film 'Muthu' which was a blockbuster movie way back in 1995 and has planned to use the scene in his forthcoming movie in 2006. Great going Mr. Rajnikanth.

On this occasion of his birthday, celebrations are going all around TamilNadu. In chennai, a large greeting card was placed in the most frequently visited places and people are allowed to pass their greeting through the card. This activity was done for the past 10 days covering most of the places around chennai. The card would have reached him by the time you read this news.

To add more, the future managers and entrepreneurs of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (one of the prominent business school in India) have celebrated Rajnikanth's birthday yesterday midnight. The group call themselves 'Sambar Mafia'. One of the member of group(Mr. Vengat) said that they had spent a week's time for preparation. They had bought a 7 foot poster from a theatre. They wore a khakhi pant, black t shirt and an unbuttoned white shirt which is the most famous costume of the Superstar. They had arranged for special dishes. They also screened one of the blockbusters of 'Thalaiva'(means 'Head/Leader', that's how the star has been called by many). The movie 'Padaiyappa' with its rocking dialogues and style shocked and impressed many North Indians and Foreigners with people throwing bits of newspapers to show their joy. They also screened few of his most famous dialogues. Exactly at 12, they bursted crackers and cut cakes. It's really good that the students learn to organise and manage such mega events along with their tight academic schedule.

There were also rumours that he will enter TamilNadu politics soon couple of years back. But whether he will come or not is a different story, let him also continue to what he is good at now.

On this occasion as Rajnikanth's turn 56 today, let us all bless for his long life and come up with more and more good movies.

Happy Birthday


At 6:19 AM, Blogger Dinesh babu said...

He should stick to acting, which is what he does best.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Srini said...

are you the pravunplugged guy?

Damn man! I miss your film scripts :)

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